Before You Give Up On Making Money Online Legitimately... 

How About I Show You How I Generated Over ₦50m in 2017 By Simply Helping People Find Solutions to Their Problems on the Internet and How My Trainees Use Same Secret To Generate Atleast ₦500k to ₦1m Every Month...

I Revealed this Same Secret to My Cousin Few Weeks to his NYSC and While in Camp He Made His First Ever ₦257,496 in Just 5days in Camp.

Let's call him Bernard,

... And of course, that's his real name.

Like every other Nigerian Youth Corper, would have depended on ₦19,800 every month for one year and maybe live the rest of his life after service looking for a job.

According to statistics, more than 78% of Nigerians live below ₦19,800 Monthly…

No thanks to their ₦18,000 minimum wage that they're still debating to increase;

… out of the 78% living below ₦18,000, more than 60% doesn’t have a house, car and has never gone on vacation before.

I can bet; you might be among the 60%.

Except you’re among the few Nigerians who have a way of making money legitimately…

… drives the latest cars, lives in exotic homes and travels round the world with their family or spouse.

That is What Everybody Wants Right?;

... And that’s exactly what you'll learn by the end of this letter.

How to make money legitimately, drive your dream cars, live in your dream house and travel round the world.

By the way,

My name is Enyi George,

The CEO, Mainstream Marketing & Media,
a media, digital marketing and research CAC registered firm, with head office at Suite 70, Ogba Shopping Arcade, Ogba, Lagos State...

...also, The Founder, Entrepreneur Academy; The platform that has created more than 20 millionaires; you’ll get to meet some of them as you read on.

Here's One Thing I Want You to Know About Me Before You Even Read Any Other Word on This Page...

As at June 2016, I had nothing except my laptop and University Degrees living in small one room apartment besides Total Filling Station, Choba.

I was dead broke, got so bad I had to go to my girlfriend of 3years for a loan of ₦50,000.

She dumped and insulted me, for asking for a help of ₦50,000 to invest in the same secret am about to reveal to you.

I didn’t give up;

On 19th July, 2016, I had to go to my boss and mentor in business for a loan ₦50,000; which he agreed and transferred to my account.

I invested the ₦50k into the same business you’re about to learn and by the end of August 2016, I made more than ₦1million and repaid the loan I took from my boss.

Jan 2017, I relocated from my small one room apartment to a 3bedroom apartment at Lagos State, an apartment I spent almost ₦2m just for the rent, agency and agreement...

...Just few months of relocating to Lagos, acquired my dream car, Toyota Venze.

Only God knows the love I had for this car the first day I saw someone drove it to buy bread from my mum’s shop.

Just recently assisting my dad in building the dream house we’ve always dreamt of, a dream that was almost looking like a dream not come through.

I’ve invested in some real estates and currently constructing my table water factory at Akabo in Owerri Imo State

(Taking my Mum Round The Factory)

For the first time in my life, I will be travelling on 16th of December for a 2weeks vacation to one of my dream countries.

Sure, You’re Wondering How I Was Able to Make This Whole Money In Less Than 2years.

I wasn’t special or born from a rich home, rather from a home a dad believes that to be successful in life you MUST go to school, get a degree and get employed in a multinational company and start earning millions every month, no wonder he insisted all his children must get to Master’s Degree Level.

But… I Had Another Plan.

No, thanks to my cousin who is still applying for job after 8years of graduating from Imo State University, Owerri.

He graduated when I was preparing for my WASSCE at the Seminary School.

(that’s him late last year scaling the gate to go for an interview)

Some persons;

“While growing up, had big dreams and hope; they can’t wait to drive their dream cars, live in their dream house and travel round the world”

Few years in the university, they’re already on top of the world, they can’t wait to graduate to rock their world...

Few years after the compulsory NYSC, some are yet to get the least job you can think of.

Their dreams begin to wean; they begin to lose the drive, feeling like the whole world is against them;

The little dreams they had while growing up almost becoming like a dream not come through”

This was the exact situation I found my cousin, 8years after graduating from the university still coming to meet my dad for transport fare to go submit CV’s and go for interviews.

I had to summon the courage to ask him,

Nda, is it how it is after graduating?

… after hearing all his dreams and wishes after graduation, and 8yrs down the line, still depends on my dad for the least of his needs. “cigarette”

There and then, I took a decision;

Even though school is necessary and not a guarantee to wealth, I must get to Masters Level just for 2 reasons;

Firstly being the first child, I wouldn’t want to discourage 6 other ones behind me from getting to Masters Level…

…and lastly to make my dad happy.

But decided I will never depend on my certificates for a job or else I will end up like my cousin, maybe who knows going to one of my uncles for money.

That Began My Quest For Money.

I ventured into a lot of things to make sure I don’t look for a job.

The first thing I tried in 2007 was FOREX business.

I traded FOREX for more than 3years.

Made some money, infact I got my first laptop (Hp Pavillion DV2000) in 2008 through the money I made from trading FOREX.

All thanks to my mentor, Agwasim Victor, who later abandoned his studies and relocated to Cyprus.

That was the beginning of my downfall as there’s no one around to guide me, I lost the little money I was able to make, had to go into debts.

It began to look more like a gambling to me… which is NO! NO!! NO!!! To me.

I had to quit.

Did I give up?

No of course, getting a job is never an option to me…

…while at UNIPORT, I saw how students troops into one game centre at Nelson Mandela Hostel Block C, even 3am, you must see people playing games.

Had to gather money to replicate same Game Centre back home as there were no Game Centre then in Orji, Owerri.

From the little money I made from the Game Centre and a loan of ₦500k from Nwanguma Ugochukwu to pay back in a year with interest of ₦100k, I set up the biggest unisex salon at Alakahia, Choba, Rivers State.

…to the least of my expectation, the salon business failed woefully, as I had my studies to take care of and no single idea about salon business.

Had to sale off everything including the game Centre to repay the loan; as I couldn’t withstand the pressure from my friend.

… I went back to zero;

I started looking for other ways to earn money that wouldn’t require much of my time as I have just a year in the university to save myself from graduating with less than second class upper.

…luckily for me, I stumbled on something that later changed my life for good,


For months, I worked hard online, tried everything you could think of, ranging from Freelancing, Online Survey, Website Designing, Pay to Retweet etc.

With nothing to show for it;

I kept on researching on reliable ways to make money online.

With desperate and hunger for change, I ran into an online training and paid for the training, where I immediately discovered why I failed to make serious headway with internet business... And of course, the easiest and surest way out,

In the online training, I found out that all I needed to do to make money is to:

1:  Discover People’s Problem 
2:  Find A Solution to The Problem 
3:  Then Sell The Solution To Them.

Back then, I knew of a couple that was always fighting due to the wife not being able to give him a male child;

…also heard of gruesome stories of what women pass through for not giving birth to a male child.

Immediately; I discovered a problem;

Now… the solution to the problem

I had to start researching on the solution for the problem.

Luckily I stumbled on

I ordered for the solution in form of eBook, repackaged it and put it up on my Facebook timeline.

Few weeks after posting it on my Facebook wall, something incredible happened…

I Made My First Money Online

I later discovered, I could be jailed or prosecuted for piracy for reselling someone’s work.

I had to pull down the post and stopped selling the eBook.

Then went pack to research on another problem and the possible solution…

…and I discovered another problem, that generated over 2m for me within 2months

Stretch Marks

Women can pay anything to get rid of stretchmarks

And after series of research discovered an Ancient Indian Secret to getting rid of stretch marks in a form of essential oil and micro needles.

So needed the cheapest import portal to import upto 30 sets and not from the popular ALIEXPRESS;

...even though things are cheap on aliexpress; I got to discover a cheaper import portal designed only for the Chinese that sells things way cheaper than almight aliexpress.

Not only are you getting it cheaper; you tend to get the best quality as the import portal is specially designed for chinese people.

Was The Price Difference Significant?

What is the Value of The Chinese Yuan?

Google is our friend.

...Before you scream at how cheap the price is at ₦846.96;

Do I need tell you I was getting the essential oil almost free at less than ₦27 per bottle?

... but there was a big challenge;

Paying and Shipping from this cheap portal was more like a nightmare; 

As the portal was specially designed for the Chinese and no option of making payment from Nigeria or do they have option of shipping to other countries.

I Discovered Easier Way of Paying in Naira and Getting Your Items in 24hrs to 48hrs

I got to know of a procurement company based in China that accepts payments in Naira.

You just pay the value of the goods in Naira and they help you order from this portal and sends to your logistics in China;

While your logistics handles the shipping from China to Nigeria.

...and the beauty of it, the logistics company I use ships your product faster than the likes of DHL, FEDEX and the rest; 

...While charging you as cheap as you can never imagine and in just 24hrs to 48hrs, you walk into their office here in Nigeria to carry your imported goods.

After importing your goods; come the biggest challenge of this business..

Selling Your Imported Items.

It has always been selling on Jumia and Konga and few that sells on facebook, ends up dashing Mark Money;

...Hence going home with nothing by the time they must have finished selling their imported items in 2-3months.

But I have a special way of marketing my products that makes me stand out from the rest of the crowd;

It has been the secret myself and my students use in generating over ₦200m in less than a year. 

Discover this secret and you'll sale a poop to it's owner.

It's same secret I used and was able to sale this same Stretch Marks Solution that a set cost me less than ₦1,500 both buying and shipping down to my house in Port Harcourt.

Sold A Set for ₦14,970 Here in Nigeria 

While It Sold For ₵250 in Ghana

While We Sell Higher Than This in Other Countries

… and in less than a month, I generated over ₦4million selling this to not just only Nigerians but to other African countries.

This time, not just by posting on my Facebook wall… but through a secret kept away by the gurus.

In some days we have as high as 50-70 Orders daily from each of these countries using this special way of marketing your products;

And by the end of 2017, I made over ₦50million selling different solutions to problems both in digital and physical products;

Without owning any of my products or having any pre knowledge of the solution. (that you will learn before the end of this letter)

(Over ₦3m in Just 3weeks Just From One Country out of Over 5 Countries I sell to)

On Bad Weeks, This What the Weekly Alert Looks Like!

It Wasn’t Long, My Success Story Got to All My Friends and Family.

They began begging me to show them the secret to making money on the internet;

… they request kept coming until one day an idea popped into my head;

I began to imagine what I passed through while struggling to make money before I discovered this secret…

… and also looked around and noticed that most persons that are my friend or family member in one way or the other needed a financial breakthrough.

I know I can’t change everyone but my ultimate goal was to make a true impact in the lives of as many as possible

So, I Started A Journey to Change That…

The first person I picked up was Terry Akpofure in late 2016.

Terry happened to be a young graduate from Delta State University squatting with 4 friends in a single room…

…who like most guys after NYSC came to Port Harcourt for greener pasture, almost a year down the line, no job was coming forth.

So; I decided to show him the same secret am about to reveal to you now and by the end of 2016, he already had more than 1m cooling off in his account and has gone over to generate over 20m till date.

He’s currently living in his own apartment, well furnished, relocated the family to Port Harcourt, set up a business for the mum and a dredging company for the dad.

It wasn’t long, I met Clinton Etuk through Terry Akpofure, who like every sharp guy that spots opportunity, came begging to help him the same way I’ve helped his friend Terry.

He can’t continue working at a printing company at Choba, Port Harcourt with all the health hazards, goes home with just ₦30,000 every month.

According to him, the only good thing about the job is the carton of liquid peak milk the boss gives to them every month;

…you can imagine the poverty mentality, risking being impotent for life plus other health risks for just 24 tins of peak milk liquid and ₦30,000 every month.

He has this to say after the training with me.

Then, met Ose Benita, who happened to be my bestie and best friend during my Masters programme at Institute of Petroleum Studies, Choba, Port Harcourt,

Who like every other graduate believed that first degree is not enough to secure a job with multinational companies.

So embarked on one of the most expensive Masters Programme in Nigeria.

Months after completing the Masters plus lot of certifications, not even the least job was coming forth.

So she had to make do with the available opportunity and she keyed in into the business.

She got totally blown away after 24hrs of successfully setting up her first campaign, she got orders worth over ₦100,000 and since then been making money on autopilot and currently running one of the biggest fashion stores in Port Harcourt  for plus size women.

When I relocated to Lagos; made friends with Jeorge Khaleb;

He happens to work in same firm with the girl I was eyeing when I recently moved to Lagos; saw it as an easier path to win the girls heart as she will feel more comfortable if she gets to know her colleague is my friend.

…but like most guys who have friends that are doing well; saw it as an opportunity to always come to me for soft loans, which am not really fan of; it has cost me so many good friends;

So, I decided to train him in the business and personally took it upon myself to make sure he succeeds.

He couldn’t contain his joy, so he put up this video below on Facebook.

Another person I met was victor, who happened to be my friend and was working at Helena Heaven Hotels. He’s the first person that paid me for training him.

He always see me frequent their clubs and envied the kind of life I was living,

He had to summon courage to chat me up on Facebook to put him through to what I was doing,

Dude later confessed he thought I was into YAHOO… I can’t think of that when I have a legitimate way to make money more than them.

Luckily, he made my job easier, he was already into body building and physical fitness, so had to invite him to my apartment in Lagos for a 1week intensive training on how to push his brand through the internet.

…and in 2weeks recovered back the ₦150,000 he paid for the training.

Plus lot of other of my friends and their friends.

It Wasn’t Long After I Relocated to Lagos And I Checked, All The People I Helped Was Either My Friend Or Friends to my Friends And Not Any Of My Siblings Or Family Member;

There Was Need To Help My Bloods;

The first person I invited was my cousin who just graduated from University of Nigeria (UNN) and was waiting for his compulsory NYSC.

So, as a brother’s keeper, I didn’t want him to pass through the normal cycle.

Graduate, go for NYSC and then come back looking for job.

So I had to put him through to the internet business like 2weeks to his camp;

… and just few days in camp, I got that satisfactory call I always get from my trainees that makes me feel like a saviour… even though am not JESUS CHRIST.

“Bro Ghana just paid me ₦257,496 and am still waiting for payment from EDS (EDS is delivery company that handles his logistics in Nigeria).

This just a normal guy that would have depended on his 19,800 for 3weeks in camp, receiving more than what he would have been paid in his 1yr compulsory NYSC in just a week.

I felt so satisfied and fulfilled, not that I was only making money from this business, I have also impacted positively to some lives.

While I was feeling on top of the world;

I got a call from my younger brother who just finished serving at Enugu state, calling me to tell me that the construction company he was working with part time during his service year has given him a full employment.

Yeah, he’s lucky to be among the 1% of graduates that secures job immediately after service;

I was almost happy for him until out of excitement he told me the increased his salary from ₦20,000 to ₦80,000.

I was mad, all the Years spent in the university studying Civil Engineering and you’re happy a company is paying you ₦80,000 for enslaving you!

Immediately, I instructed him to reject the offer and come stay with me in Lagos;

I looked stupid to him; but he never told me not until dude acquired his own car, few months of doing the same business, Lexus ES330, a car he spent more than ₦3m to acquire just few months of doing this sweet business.

(Don't mind the "Mpa" am yet to be a father... Just a name my siblings started calling me lately) 

Immediately, heaven let loose, everybody started calling to come and go through same training that has made all my students millionaires.

But the great challenge…

To give in my best, I spend atleast 7days to train any of my students;

That is 7days of suspending my own business…

…that’s 7days of losing atleast 500k I would have made if I had channeled the same energy and time to my business.

So at a point the request were so much and I can’t help to train everybody, else I will just go back to my village with nothing to show for my efforts;

I decided that if I must train any other person, it must be at a price, atleast something that can take care of my weekly expenses, am not talking about profit here.

… and this what my daily expenses looks like on a normal day.

I Decided I Must Charge Minimum Of ₦250,000 For Any Person I Would Train Again.
(Don’t Be Scared, You’re Getting Same Training Today Almost For Free)

I decided to charge ₦250,000 for 2 reasons;

Firstly, to reduce the number of people that wants me to train them, that way I will have less request on daily basis so I can have time for other of my businesses;

…and lastly, to make sure ONLY the serious ones come for the training; you can’t pay such amount and be unserious with the training;

Was I Justified?

Even at the price people were still begging with their money, so decided to train just one person per month;

… and the first person that came for the training for the month March this year was Emeka Okoye, 

He happens to be a guy working at super market close to my house; even with the ₦60,000 he earns monthly, couldn’t keep up with the series of threats of sack from the boss;

So decided to be useful to himself;

He paid ₦250,000 for the training and in less than a month of the training, had this to say.

The next month, I decided to admit Onyeka to the training, who happens to know me through my very good friend and Senior Prefect at Archdeacon Dennis Seminary, Mbieri in Imo State, Mr Tochi Amadi.

Like my previous trainee, couldn’t afford the money easily had to take a loan from the father in-law to come for the training…

…in less than a month after the training paid pack the loan to the father in-law and recently acquired his first car, a 2010 Toyota Camry.

...And I have gone to train over 10 more students, some students paying as high as ₦500k for the training;

…and I justify charging that high because every person I’ve trained ends up becoming a millionaire in less than 3months.

… and not just millionaires, the end up also changing lives of people around them because I showed them how to build A True Internet Business That Focuses on Solving The Problems Of People.

As human continue to have issues ranging from diabetes, fibroids, stretch marks, scars, premature ejaculation, overweight/fat, shyness, infertility, etc;

There my students will continue smiling to the bank on daily basis.

Sounds Simple, Right?

That's because it really is very easy, there's nothing complicated about it.

But noticed that few persons who couldn’t afford my training and decides to go for these “self-acclaimed gurus” ends up buying eBooks that’s not even theirs or concoct some nonsense put together and sell to them;

… they end up not making a dime from the eBook the bought;

One lady after going for one of these trainings and losing more than 500k implementing what was on the eBook had to come back to me for proper training.

Few weeks after training couldn’t contain her joy and she put up this post on Facebook.

According to her, there are MENTORS and there are mentors and I happen to be a MENTOR.

All she needed was;

  • A mentor that will guide her how to discover pressing problems that people will be begging her with their life savings for the solution.
  • How to discover solutions that solves these problems even if you don’t have any experience about it at all.
  • How to get thousands of people who has these problems not just buy the solution but beg you with their money for the solution.

She couldn’t afford for my training last year and had to spend over 500k doing the same business the wrong way.

I wouldn’t want you to take same part she took or allow you spend that amount doing it the wrong way.


Today, I Want to Be Your

I want to take you by the hand and show you the exact same secret that myself and all my students has used to become multi-millionaires in matter of months.

I want to help you build your own profitable and scalable Internet Business over the next few weeks before the end of this year and have you walk into 2019 with all it takes to be a millionaire to rock your 2019.

And that's why I decided to do something special for you. Something I’ve never done before

The Truth Is it Pains Me When I See People Not Being Able To Afford My Trainings;

I decided that instead of having just one person cough out over ₦250k for my training (which has stopped a lot from benefitting from my training),

Why not bring 10 persons team up together and contribute my training fee and I have these 10 persons in an enclosed forum, Just 10 Of Us Plus Me and I teach them this same business that has generated over 200m for me and my students.

That’s like each of them paying ₦25k for the training (but hey, you won’t be paying this much for being a member of RantHq)

I’m going to make it easier and cheaper for you; so read on!

Nice idea?

Yeah, same as I thought,

I decided to pen down all my journey in this business… that’s what gave birth to this website yesterday;

Then; reached out to few persons I knew that could not afford my training and I shared this same website with them;

And in less than 12hrs 3 slots have already been taken with more begging to make payments before the end of today.

As you’re reading this website now, more than 1000 persons on facebook are on this same website with you, reading about my exploit in the internet business.

…and all I need is just only 10 persons, as it’s just not about teaching theory to these 10 persons but I’ll make sure I take it upon myself to make sure the go ahead to replicate my success within the shortest possible time.

I wouldn’t need more than what I can have my time for.

Right, now we have just 7 slots left;

This How to Join These 10 Lucky Persons That Will Learn from Me For 7days;

If I Decide to Keep it The Same Price of  ₦25,000;

Is justifiable, as we have 3 persons who have already paid for their slots; and the value you’re getting from the training is more than ₦500,000 value.

But after series of pleading from some persons that they can't afford the ₦25,000 considering the season we are into;

I’ve decided to give more than ₦0,000 discount to the First 5 persons that will rush to secure their spot now.

Atleast you won't have any reason not to join; 

If you’re lucky, you’ll be getting in for just a mealy ₦19,970

This price will go back to the normal price of ₦25,000
If we get the 5 Persons or the timer below hits zero

Ready to change your life for good?

Join the 10 persons I will be teaching the same business from 16th of Dec to 24th of Dec, 2018 everything  I know about this same business.

Regular admission Fee: ₦
But for a limited time, you get a special discount and you pay only...

I feel like slapping myself for charging this low for something that is guaranteed to make you a millionaire within 3months… 100% guaranteed.

But I don’t have to;

Else, I’ll be forfeiting the 2 reasons why I’m asking you to pay only ₦19,970 for one full week of my time going all out to give you nothing but the best to change your 2019.

  • Firstly, to make sure nothing stops you from benefiting from this great opportunity to take control of your 2019;
  • Lastly, Head to the plead of the few persons that can't afford the ₦25,000

Now, You Have No Excuse

At the admission fee of ₦19,970, You cannot say the training is overpriced.

You cannot say it’s too expensive.

You cannot say Enyi George hates you and do not want you to benefit from this business that has generated more millionaires than some Universities

For now, it’s cheap and anyone can afford it. 

So, there you go.

No excuses!

And oh, Before I Forget!

Your satisfaction is...


If after my intensive one week with you and you feel the time spent with you doesn’t worth 50 times your investment, simply let me know and I will offer you my sincere apologies for wasting your time and then give you a full refund!

So, it shall never be said that “Enyi George has joined all these ‘self-acclaimed gurus’ that only make money from teaching what they can’t practice.


My name is worth more than diamond.

It will be idiotic to mess it up for just ₦19,970...

I didn’t do it when there was so much pressure from peers in Owerri to join YAHOO;

So, I will never.

With all the fears out of the way; and the risks on my shoulders...

Here’s How to Confidently Pay to Join the Lucky 10 Persons That Will Be Having an Intensive a Week Training with Me at A Discounted Price of ₦19,970

Note that this discount price expires either after the timer below hits zero...

Or we get the first 5 persons. 

Whichever comes first! 

Then the discount price of ₦19,970 which you can get it for now expires;

...and the new price of ₦25,000 automatically takes effect… that is if I’ve not gotten the 10 persons I need.

Bank Deposit, Internet/ATM Transfer/Mobile Money etc 

STEP 1: Make a deposit/transfer of ₦19,970 into;
Bank: Guaranty Trust Bank PLC (GTB)
Account Name: Mainstream Marketing Services
Account No: 042-987-7325

STEP 2: After payment, send an email message (Not Phone Call or Text Message Please) containing YOUR NAME, EMAIL ADDRESS, PHONE No & Date of payment to:

As soon as we confirm your payment, we will forward you the registration link within 27 minutes.

SECURED ATM Card Payment 

Works Anytime, Even At 12 Midnight. Secure Order Form - 100% Protected Safe & CBN Approved. You Get Access To Registration Page INSTANTLY. No Waiting!

Upon successful payment, you'll be redirected to the members area for registration. No waiting whatsoever...

Whichever payment option you used, once your payment goes through, you will be redirected to the membership registration area, which looks like this;

Fill in your name and your best email address and you’ll get your unique link for the online training.

Yeah… It’s Going To Be an Online Training.
(with just 250mb, you’re ok for the week)

That way we avoid travelling all the way to Lagos for the training so we can save cost in travelling and also contributing money for the hall that can accommodate 10 of us for a week here in Lagos that am sure will not cost us anything less than 300-400k for a week.

This Not Your Normal Training You See Littered on Facebook and Blogs;

It’s a training that’s guaranteed to change your life for good.

The same training that has produced over 20millionaires and they can’t keep their joy without flooding to their social media timelines to thank me while the rest flood my inbox with Thank you messages.

What you will learn from the training is not something that will make you money this month and next month you’re back to squre1 or the system stops making money for you.

It’s a secret based on the OLDEST and TRUEST method of making money in the world (online or offline), it’s been there for centuries before we were born and it will be here even after we’re gone.

The System is Just Centered On 3 Steps

  • Discover A Problem;
  • Research on the Solution to The Problem,
  • Sell the Solution

And it works 101% once you apply the right strategies I will show you in the training.

I will show you how to master the art of creating and selling solutions to problems online so you can make a lot of money solving people's problem, that is the beauty of it... "your customers are smiling and very happy their problem is solved, you too are smiling and very happy your bank account just got much bigger” win-win for everyone

If That’s Truly What You Want;

Then use any of the option below to register for the training before the timer below hits zero or you miss paying at the discounted price of ₦19,970

Bank Deposit, Internet/ATM Transfer/Mobile Money etc 

STEP 1: Make a deposit/transfer of ₦19,970 into;
Bank: Guaranty Trust Bank PLC (GTB)
Account Name: Mainstream Marketing Services
Account No: 042-987-7325

STEP 2: After payment, send an email message (Not Phone Call or Text Message Please) containing YOUR NAME, EMAIL ADDRESS, PHONE No & Date of payment to:

As soon as we confirm your payment, we will forward you the registration link within 27 minutes.

SECURED ATM Card Payment 

Works Anytime, Even At 12 Midnight. Secure Order Form - 100% Protected Safe & CBN Approved. You Get Access To Registration Page INSTANTLY. No Waiting!

Upon successful payment, you'll be redirected to the members area for registration. No waiting whatsoever...

Now, you have a decision to make

To either ignore this training and continue depending on peanuts monthly;

Or grab this training to change your 2019 for good;

Well; the choice is all yours…

…but am assuring you is an investment you won’t regret and also considering the money back guarantee... You absolutely have nothing to lose.

So am sure you know the right thing for you… as I look forward to reading your success story;

Enyi George

Founder, Entrepreneur Academy – A Platform for Creating Millionaires
CEO, Mainstream Marketing & Media, Suite 70, Ogba Shopping Arcade, Ogba, Ikeja, Lagos State.

In Case You’re Tempted to Put Off Joining the Training Now?

Well, that’s a choice!

However, remember that once the next 10 slots are taken, two things happen;

I take down this website;

…and if you must learn from me, be ready to cough out atleast ₦250,000 that is if I’ll even be chanced to teach you.

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Still Reading?

Ok, You Probably Have A Few Questions.

Here Are Some of The Frequently Asked Questions I Receive

Question 1 - I'm Interested in Joining But it May Not Be The "Right Time"?

Answer: every time I hear this excuse, 99% of it is procrastination. As the popular Chinese proverb says: "the best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second-best time is now."

There’s no better time to start than now;

I really wished I got to know of this business when I first ventured into FOREX trading in 2007;

Maybe now, I would have been competing with the richest man in Orji, my village.

Question 2 - How Much Capital Do I Need to Start This Business?

Answer - This is one of the most frequently asked question that usually come my way. The truth is, this is one of the few good business models where you can start with a small amount of money and scale it to millions in few months.

Infact I started with loan of 50k I took from my Boss.

…but in the training, I’ll teach the easiest way you can even start with just 10,000.

Question 3 - The 1Week Training - What Happens If I Cannot Attend All the Live Trainings?

ANSWER - All sessions will be recorded and replays sent to the email you’ll provide during registration for the training.

Resources such as PDF's and mind maps will also be available and sent to your emails;

When you join, you’ll also have opportunity to have the session burnt in a DVD or Flash Drive and sent to your preferred location to watch at your convenient.

Question 4 - How Heavy Are the Videos?

Answer - We understand people are always concerned about their data. So, we tried as much as possible to make sure the videos are recorded in the smallest size ever, while ensuring that the quality remains top notch. The videos are produced in smaller bites that can easily be downloaded and consumed.

Question 5 - Is There a Group I Can Join?

Answer - Once you enroll for the training, you’re automatically given access to Elite Entrepreneur Academy Facebook group where you get to meet fellow entrepreneurs like you doing 6-8figures every month.

Question 6 - How Can I Contact You If I Have A Question Before Buying?

Simple just send your question to and it will submit a ticket to our help desk. We reply pretty quickly or you can reply to any of my emails with your questions and be sure to get a response from me sooner than you expect.

Secondly, you can always call my office line 08095305047, but be ready to answer some questions from my sexy secretary before she passes the phone to me, that’s if am around.

Lastly, you can always book an appointment with me through email and once appointment is fixed can walk into my office at suite 70, Ogba Shopping Arcade, Ogba, Ikeja, Lagos State.

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EARNINGS DISCLAIMER: Every single income claim and proof we've shown you today are 100% true as stated on the website but the results are not typical, they are my own results from 2years of being a successful internet marketer, nothing is average about me and as well, some other proof and claims are the results of students that I personally coached so their results are also not typical. You cannot expect to experience similar results overnight, some days I work as much as 20 hours, and because I don't know how much time you're willing to commit, how experienced you are or your total performance as a human being, I cannot in any way or form guarantee you'll get my kind of results. In Entrepreneur Academy Training program, I did my best to make sure I teach you what is working right now but how you apply it and your experience will be the determining factor on the kind of results you will get.

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